Contracts, tenders, court proceedings, conveyancing documentation, authorisations of power of attorney, terms and conditions, and articles of association:

  • Translation of court proceedings regarding the advertising of tobacco products (G>E)
  • Translation of a police report on intercepted phone calls (I>E)
  • Proofreading of a report on European legislation governing intellectual property and copyright regarding downloadable media (e-books, films, TV and music) (G>E)
  • Translation of a report on a legal dispute concerning the shipment of sugar (I>E)


Financial statements, annual accounts, wealth management, risk controlling, banking, investment, insurance and economics:

  • Translation of a magazine article on economic studies and financial analyses (I>E)
  • Translation of a PowerPoint presentation on International Accounting Standards (G>E)
  • Translation of transfer pricing documentation (G>E)
  • Translation of a public liability insurance policy (I>E)

The Environment

Sustainable transport, logistics, urban planning, recycling, renewable energies and environmental projects:

  • Translation of regulations on biofuels in Germany (G>E)
  • Translation describing Intersolar, an international trade fair on photovoltaic technologies (I>E)
  • Translation of an academic paper on sustainable mobility and choice of residential location (G>E)
  • Proofreading of documents intended to create International Water Quality Guidelines for Ecosystems (E)
  • Proofreading of an academic paper on parking management from a German perspective, published in Transport Reviews (E)
  • Proofreading of the draft manuscript for the book Re-thinking Mobility Poverty Understanding Users’ Geographies, Backgrounds and Aptitudes, published by Routledge as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme (E)
  • Translation of an academic report commissioned by the European Parliament’s Left Group on the viability of hydrogen as an alternative fuel (G>E)

The Arts

Interviews with classical and popular musicians, lyrics, festival press releases, art exhibitions and film transcripts:

  • Back translation of a magazine article about The Backstreet Boys (G>E)
  • Back translation of the script of the film Mamma Mia, including song lyrics (I>E)
  • Translation of an interview with Andrea Bocelli for an inflight magazine (I>E)
  • Translation of the description of organs, sound composition for the organ and website pages regarding the Magadino organ festival, Switzerland (I>E)
  • Translation of a film treatment (“Der Zankapfel” – “Apple of Discord”) for the Berlin Film Festival (G>E)
  • Translation and proofreading of descriptions for a touring art exhibition of works created by Wolfgang Beltracchi and photographs taken by Mauro Fiorese, collectively entitled ‘Kairos. Der richtige Moment’ (Kairos. The right moment) (G>E)
  • Translation of an article about architecture in the Austrian skiing resort of Kitzbühel for Kitz Race, the official magazine of the Hahnenkamm Race (G>E)

DSCN1274DSCN2080_Concert hall with view of composer's hut

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