Universal language?

The Bulletin, Institute of Translation and Interpreting, September 2015

A report on ‘How is music translated today?’, a one-day conference held in London in July 2015 organised by the Translating Music international network.


 A windy day out

The Bulletin, Institute of Translation and Interpreting, November 2012

ITI Western Regional Group’s tour of a wind farm

View from below a turbine

My Masters dissertation (1995) was a translation and commentary of “Musik in den Massenmedien” [“Music in the mass media”]. This was an article by Dr Rudolf Heinemann, a musicologist and then head of light music programming at the Cologne-based WDR radio station, taken from the German magazine medium 1/94. My commentary discussed the challenges of translating compound words and the research necessary to convey the musical terminology in the text. I have continued my commitment in these areas by attending relevant conferences and workshops, and as an active amateur singer.

My undergraduate dissertation, The Impact of Green Politics on Government: Example, West Germany (1991), discussed the emerging environmental legislation in the newly reunited Germany.